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Back when I was in college (and knew everything) we had a radio station manager talk to one of our classes. He asked, “What do TV & radio stations sell?” Since I knew everything, I raised my hand in confidence. He called on me and I proudly said, “Airtime. They sell airtime!” “No,” he said, “they don’t sell airtime.” I was crushed. This is before safe spaces were invented so I just had to sit there in my wrongness. No one else in the class ventured a guess either. 

Finally, he said, “Broadcasters sell ACCESS to a specific audience. They use demographics to slice that audience up and know exactly who is watching or listening.” Fast-forward to the time where I am now a station manager myself. 

Praying over my station and Middle Georgia the Lord showed me that the difference between us and other stations is that they are trying to connect sellers with people. CTN – Middle Georgia is different. I think that is why people don’t understand us sometimes. They are so used to being “sold” to the highest bidder they think that that is what we do. 

Our job at CTN is to connect people with Jesus Christ. That spans all demographics. I don’t need a ratings system to know who needs the Gospel.

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