ReEstablishment Podcast

Re-Establishment delves into the realms of self-discovery, personal growth, and societal renewal.
Each episode features captivating interviews with thought leaders, experts, and everyday heroes, all sharing insights to help you navigate life’s challenges and embrace positive change.

“Firebrand” is a program that focuses on the everyday issues and interests of the younger generation, while encouraging them to pursue God’s purpose for their lives and to see the world through a faith-based perspective. The mission of this show is to motivate young people to be on fire for God and live passionately as they become world changers in today’s culture.

Why Firebrand ? Because it describes a person who is passionate about a particular cause, typically igniting change and taking radical action. 

Target Audience: Millennials + Gen Z as well as the incoming Alpha Generation

There is a desperate need for wholesome entertainment options catered to men. Man360 is a series of 30-minute episodes of creative content that is fun, informative, and faith-filled. So men can grow in their relationship with Christ and have fun while doing it. 

Brian is passionate about helping men see that they can have fun in life but that Jesus needs to come first in everything they do. Encouraging men to live a life of honor for God that is reflected in their personal relationship to Jesus, their position in their families and being a light in their jobs and people they come in contact with on a daily basis.

Christian Fitness

The goal of Christian Fitness is to help guide you to living a healthier life by increasing your coordination, strength, posture, and adding a smile to your day. Being more active is some of the best medicine there is, and it’s free! But most importantly, Christian Fitness is just plain fun! Tune in, you just might be surprised how exciting being more active can be!

I have only been a mom for a little over 2 years now, but I have quickly discovered that moments are fleeting, moments are exciting and moments to yourself are slim to none.  

Hi! I am Ashley! Wife to Bobby, Mom to Charlie, and Host of – What If? Moments for Moms airing nationally on the Christian Television Network. 

Currently surviving on Grace and Coffee… lots and lots of Coffee. 

I am in the wonderful, messy, joy-filled, tantrum-filled days of raising a toddler. Being a mom, is the greatest and hardest thing I have ever done, and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I am so excited to take this journey with YOU! Whether you are a new mom (like me) or a seasoned mom, I hope that you will find a place here, a moment for YOU, a moment of encouragement, a moment of laughter and a moment of hope.  


Hi!! We are Steve and Carol Cunningham! We are seniors embarking on a new adventure in life, a fun filled reality travel show! It’s crazy to be starting this at our age…both of us our in our 70s. But we’ve always loved traveling!

In our 20s (1970s) we traveled America for 18 mos. in a 13′ travel trailer, without a bathroom! And we had a 3yr old with us! But we absolutely loved it! So, when the opportunity arose to start a travel show with Christian Television, we jumped at the opportunity.

We have been married 54 years and can be pretty silly with each other. We hope you enjoy our silliness and the beautiful places we travel. We do visit some cities but being out in nature is our love! We hope you will join us there!

Christian Music Countdown

Genna Barlow has been the Christian Music Countdown host for four seasons. 

Genna’s favorite thing about hosting the show is knowing that the Lord’s Name is being lifted high in homes throughout the country.  She also loves that lives are encouraged through each and every song! 

When Genna isn’t hosting CCM, she’s studying holistic health and medicine, chasing her kids outdoors or cuddling her miniature dachshund. 

Thank you for welcoming Genna and CCM in your home each week!