Continuing a Godly Legacy

CTN’s New Era of Leadership

CTN is excited to continue the ministry that Founder, Bob D’Andrea started 45 years ago. Yolanda D’Andrea Morris now serves as CTN President, Executive Director of CTN’s Man360, and Director of Children’s Home of Love in Nepal. Brian Morris serves as CTN’s Vice President and On-Air Host of CTN’s Man360, a television program focused on helping men become all that God wants them to be. Bodie D’Andrea serves as General Manager of our flagship station WCLF as well as the Secretary Treasurer of the CTN board. Together, along with their diverse ministry team, they are continuing the CTN family legacy while demonstrating a renewed vision for the lost and reaching the nations in a tangible way.

May God bless CTN and the leadership of Yolanda, Brian, and Bodie and the family as we continue to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world.

Brian Morris, Yolanda D’Andrea Morris, and Bodie D’Andrea

Spreading the Gospel Across America: The Legacy of Bob D’Andrea

In 1979, Bob D’Andrea founded the Christian Television Network. As president of the network, he used his passion for Christian television to develop a vision: broadcasting the gospel into every home in America. Since D’Andrea founded the network, twenty-two Christian television stations have been launched across the nation, and his vision continues to grow. Under D’Andrea’s supervision, every station has been launched with the following sign-on:

“Jesus Christ, the Son of the Living God, is the one to whom this television station is dedicated.”

Bob D'Andrea signing on...Oct.24,1979

Bob D’Andrea signing on…Oct.24,1979

CTN Network Family

The Christian Television Network is equipped to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ to every home in the world by satellite broadcasting, local on-air television stations, internet streaming and many cable stations. Through our broadcasts, we present the gospel in many unique ways to motivate believers, and provide them with helpful information about issues and current events.”

Our Broad Appeal

CTN’s diversified programs are representative of a local and national interdenominational mix which feature a wide variety of inspirational programming that appeals to a broad cross section of viewers in the communities we serve.

Our Community Involvement – Hands of Compassion

Since its inception, one of CTN’s main goals has been to work with local churches to provide help for families in need. The CTN Community Ministries Department, partnering with local churches, has provided food, clothing, shelter, and financial assistance to thousands of families in need in our community. In addition to helping to meet the physical and financial needs of families, the CTN Community Ministries Department also strives to meet the spiritual needs of families by providing trained prayer partners who answer viewer calls for help and prayer 24 hours a day.

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Sales Manager: 
Steve Cunningham

An Invitation to Join the CTN Family

You might have heard people say “the best way to advertise is through word of mouth”. If you have they’re not too far off. Personal recommendations are still one of the leading and most trusted forms of advertising today. What better way to personally invite someone to visit your church or to accept Jesus Christ than to broadcast your program or ministry on television before thousands of viewers. That is what we do here at CTN. We have created a platform for churches and ministries to spread the gospel.

I would like to personally invite you to consider airing on the Christian Television Network (CTN) and be one of the CTN family.

Your Source for Superior Video Production

CTN offers video and audio production services from many of our studios. Our Production Staff is here to provide you with a professional video shoot that will bring a level of excellence to your next video project. Production rates vary according to each project’s needs and goals. Please call our offices today at 727.535.5622 and speak to our Production Manager for more information.

Testimonies and Praise Reports

We want to hear your testimony.

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I am grateful for the program “You and Me”. It’s on late at night into the early hours of the morning. This is the time when people cannot sleep because of severe situations in their lives. The only program anywhere that people can call in and ask a pastor for prayer.

Believe or not I have called churches asking the pastor to just call. You see, my son shot himself. He is now severely brain damaged. Not one, Not one pastor would return my call. I even went to a big Baptist Church in Fairhope, Alabama. I was dressed appropriately. The people greeted me thought I was there to ask for money or food. I just said, What! ” I am here to talk to a pastor! My son shot himself!” Is there a pastor, I can talk to?” A trained woman took me in for coffee. One said they could buy me a bus ticket to see my son! I told her I said I was not here for money! I have a car! After that the damage was done. Not once, did a pastor have time to pray or counsel with me. Your program did! That’s not the only church I called. Not one returned my call. Not one. Thank God for “You and Me”! They ARE there for prayer! If these pastors cannot or will not talk to someone who may be a potential church member or someone with an estate they have no one to leave it to and are testing them first, then they need to move on. They are not pastors at all. It is a calling. You must have compassion. Something, in short supply these days, even in the churches. One sign that Jesus may return soon. I believe that with my mind, heart and soul. Again, thank God for CTN and “YOU AND ME”!


I was a former Heroin addict, in and out of rehabs and jails. I knew God growing up, but turned away from him to live for myself. For years I destroyed relationships, became a thief even stealing from my own family. I was a liar and I was homeless and even sleeping on a piece of drywall in a construction site.

My own mother would drive hours to look for me dead on the streets with a flashlight, I was a runaway from God. My veins were so bad I would cry trying to hit one in my feet. I wanted to give up my life, but I gave it to Jesus instead, I gave my life to Jesus and have since been transformed.

I am currently a pastor at a local church and have started an outreach online to help others connect their testimony relating from drug addiction to past hurts. I am trying to spread the message of Jesus Christ, my own testimony and others. If he can save me, I know he can do the same for anyone. I later married and have two children and answered a calling to be a pastor. My wife and I started an online YouTube channel Pastor Devin (Let’s Follow Together) , no one is alone in struggles and spreading awareness that no one is out of reach of his forgiveness, sharing a passion to help the community and other’s testimonials outreaching with encouraging messages and giving hope to the hopeless.


​My Praise Report: I called in the program this past Tuesday asking for agreement pray as I had experienced pain in my chest. Thank you for your prayers, my chest pains are gone! I went to the doctor yesterday and the doctor said my heart is good. Glory to God! Thank You Father! Thank You Jesus! Thank You Holy Spirit! Hallelujah!


Delivered from Drugs, Death and Destruction Edward D. Fleming (br. Ed ). The ragpicker
I would like at this time to share with you not all (that would take a book) but a little of my testimony and what my Lord Jesus has done for my soul and all glory goes to him.

I was born in the hills of Wheeling ,West Virginia on Sept. 7th, 1946 to Robert and Thula Fleming the second of eight children. My father was a coal miner. Love was strong and noticeable in our home. (Note: my dad went home to be with my lord Jesus in Sept. Of 2006. Mother went home to the promised land ln December 2017 her and dad are back together again and forever more). Edward D. Fleming was the name given to me. The (D) was for Daniel (God is my judge). In my early years, my mother said I was the one that had an interest in the bible more than my other brothers and sisters, so as I was growing up I would spend a lot of time alone in the hills. I loved the wild animals. My early life was all right. It wasn’t until I left home that the trouble started with the drugs and drinking and all that went with it. At the age of 19, my oldest brother and I, left home for the northern cities looking for work and came to a place called Flint Michigan to work in the automobile plants building cars. This is where the drugs and drinking really went from bad to worse. Being married at that time with one child, times were good and bad, but worse than good. Things started going down. Soon there were three more children. My wife and I were drifting apart (it was mostly my wrong doing and bad choices) until we went our separate ways and I just got deep into drugs and drinking. There was no end in sight. I wanted to go back home to West Virginia, but that didn’t happen. I just didn’t care anymore about life, and I just wanted out and the only ones who really knew that were my mother and my GOD of course. THEN one day it all came crashing down around me.

At this point in my life, it was over, and it seemed like there was nowhere to go, nowhere to run. That is when I heard this voice(1977), like it was calling my name and that, I couldn’t figure and at the same time I felt a peace come over me, there in my little two room apartment. Somehow I knew it was my GOD and right there on the floor I began to cry out to him the only way I knew and it seemed like he put his hand on my head and it was so warm. It was like heat flowing down through me. After that, things started changing, not real fast, but a change had come. My wife had moved away for awhile. We never got back together, but I was able to see my children and that was great. NOW if you don’t mind, I would just like to share with you what happened after I was restored.(1977) The war was on. It’s like this. I owe it all to my Lord JESUS to him be the glory, because I have been in some of the most wretched, miserable conditions for a Christian that anyone could ever have been in, and every time the Lord came and rescued me out of it, every time. Then the unthinkable happened. In 1991 One of my daughters was smitten with cancer and died at the age of 23. There is a long testimony about that, but I’ll share that at another time. Just one year or so after that my only son was shot to death at the age of 23 as well, Like I said the war was on. I started drifting away from my Lord Jesus in all of that. Trouble was, there again and it wasn’t long before I was back in the dark. I had been months in darkness, months in thinking that the Lord had left me. I thought that I really offended him, and felt like that was it for me.

There was a time in my walk that I served the Lord with all my heart and still I failed. You see all the wrong choices caused things like that to happen, at times I could feel the cold darkness of death all around me just closing in on every side so fast and hard. Sometimes it was even hard to breath. I didn’t know what to do or where to go. I was in a backslidden state. I had left the church and the ministry. I just started running, going nowhere fast. It got worse and worse the more I ran. The pain was so heavy and there were no more tears to cry. I felt anger slowly creeping in, starting to take control of my life and there was nothing I could do about it and that was scary. I was so weak and worn out and just fed up with it all. There was no one to turn to, and I was so all alone, thinking at times about my children. All my nights were sleepless not wanting to see the next day, just wanting to die. I was in my own world of hell on earth, but once again the voice of my Lord Jesus came to me in the night. It had been such a long time. I was so frightened that I trembled. I knew that it was my Lord Jesus and I was so ashamed. I felt so naked before him. I just began to weep out of control. Tears that I once could not cry came back to me that day and my heart was hurting so bad I knew that my Lord Jesus had come for me and then I heard him say … (1992). ” DANIEL (my middle name), you are mine and I love you so much and I have plans for you, for it is almost time for me to return and I have something that I want to do in and through you and when I called you it was not the wrong choice, for it is my desire that you live for me, that I may through you show myself to this world. I have many more sons and daughters just like you that I have plans for in this last hour of time. Know this and know it well. You are mine and I called you by your name. I am going to reveal my will in your life to all the world. No more running, no more hiding. It is time for you to let me rise up in you for the last time. I will have it no other way.” That’s what my lord Jesus had said to me and no matter what anybody says, from this point on it is my only desire, and that is to let my God have his way and no other, for there is none no not one but my LORD JESUS.This is my 75th year of life And when my day is done, I will be in that HOLYCITY NEW JERUSALEM WHERE I’M GOING.
Rev. 12:11