Children’s Home of Love

Celebrating 20 Years of Children’s Home of Love!

Dear Friends and Partners,
Our primary vision/mission is the same today as when the home was established in 2003; To raise up and educate the children that we receive, to be leaders and world changers through living in a healthy and loving home, and to eventually receive a college or trade education.

We feel that just keeping these children off of the streets is not enough, but that they have value and worth to positively impact their world.

Brian & Yolanda Morris

Brian & Yolanda Morris

Would you please pray for our 24 children?

  • That they will follow God’s plan for their lives and learn His voice.
  • That they will be whole: physically, emotionally, and spiritually.
  • That financially we will have the funds we need to provide for them.
  • That the leadership running the home will have wisdom in all that they do.
  • That our children will be physically safe.


You can make a difference! Would you consider supporting our Boys and Girls Homes in Nepal?
​Every donation directed to this ministry goes straight to the needs of this ministry and to these children, there are no overhead costs to CTN. As we educate these children we ensure a future for these kids which will allow them to make a positive impact in the future of Nepal.

When you Support Children’s Home of Love, you are contributing to the children’s basic needs: including a loving staff, beautifully equipped homes, and the ability for them to attend a private school and have times away from the home of fun and play.

Giving Tiers:

Business Partner:                                 $1,000 per Quarter
Elementary Child :                                $70 per month
High School Student:                           $122 per month
Student’s 4 year College degree:       $5,500 (Total Cost)

Of course, any amount is so very appreciated and helpful to support this work. ​

To Mail a Donation:
Christian Television Network
6922 142nd. Ave., Largo, FL 33771

*In Memo, Please designate “Nepal Orphanage”

Every Gift that is designated for the
Orphanage goes directly to Nepal.


2022 Nepal Update

20 years of hope. 20 years of love. 20 years of pouring worth, value, and the promise of a bright future into children pulled off the streets of Nepal. Our president, Yolanda, and her husband Brian, just returned from a trip to Nepal where they spent time with everyone at Children’s Home of Love. The…
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