One of Those Days

Ever have one of “those” days? Before you answer, wait until you know what I mean.

March 10, 2012 was one of “those” days for me.

When a couple suffers the loss of a baby or struggles with infertility, satan taunts you with “those” days that will never happen. He comes at you in the darkest time and sticks his pointy little nose into your business and whispers all sorts of stuff.

“There will never be a day when you hear the patter of little feet in your house.”

“There will never be a first day of school.”

“There will never be a first T-Ball game.”


You see, the pain of infertility is not just in the not having a child, it is in the loss of potential. The things you will seemingly never experience. Or at least, that is what the enemy wants you to think.

Early in our marriage, my wife Mona and I had four miscarriages in 18 months. The loss of what could have been, that potential, was almost unbearable. What made it even more painful was that we worked at a K-12 Christian school, so we were surrounded by kids and parents who were living “those” days. Plus, we would be older parents, the proverbial clock was ticking.

Then God led us to adoption. A couple of years ago I heard a message that adoption IS spiritual warfare. Nothing could be truer. It has proven to be a miracle in our lives. A weapon we never knew about in our battle against the enemy’s lies. We got to bring our first son, Tripp, home in 2006 and Jedd in 2009.

Yes, March 10, 2012 was one of “those” days. Tripp played in his first T-Ball game. He scored two runs. We have had plenty more of “those” days. First football games, first band performance, first church play. The pitter-patter of little feet has yielded to the stomping of an elephant herd (especially at dinner). The same kids who could talk the horns off of a billy goat, now answer with “Bruh.”

I used to be able to see the men that they will be in the faces of my little boys, now I struggle to see the boys inside the men. What is easy to see, though, is tons of potential in both of our young men. One is quiet and reserved. The other is the life of the party. Both are kind. Both are gentlemen.

So play ball, batter up and “Take That Satan!” Another one of your lies bit the dust.