Pickin’ Mama Flowers

One of Charlie’s favorite things to do is pick flowers. From the moment he could walk and play outside, we have been picking flowers. He will ride all over the yard just to find the perfect little flower to give me, and then run as fast as he can to give me that perfect flower. I cherish every single one of those moments, and I have kept every single one of those little flowers. They are in a little tray on my nightstand, and you can be assured that he checks to make sure I put them there. It’s such a little and simple thing, but it is one of his favorite things and some of my greatest memories

Sometimes I think we as mamas can put so much pressure on ourselves to do the fun activity, play the learning games, keep them away from screens and on and on…it can be SO exhausting. I don’t know about you, but I can easily find myself spinning in a spiral of “mom-guilt” if Charlie has had too much screentime or too many gummies in a day I can easily feel defeated and like a terrible mom.

Those are the moments I must stop myself and remember the little flowers. Take a step back and know that some days are a little busier than others. Some days I can’t be super-mom and do “ALL” the things that we think we are required to do as moms. Those are the days I have to remember that the pressure I am putting on myself is not what God wants for me, nor is any of it what Charlie expects from me. Motherhood is anything but “simple” but maybe we can look a little harder for those simple things and joys and remember those things on the challenging days.

If Charlie and I are having one of “those days” the best thing we can do is go outside and pick some flowers. We both find great joy there, in those simple moments that truly help me as a mom, and him as a toddler. We need more simple and less pressure. I encourage you this week as the weather is starting to warm up and the sun is shining, to go out and find some flowers, take a walk or just sit in the sun. Find the simple and rest there for a moment. We all need rest, especially the mamas.

I pray that you will find that this week.

Ashley McClain is a Wife to Bobby, Mom to Charlie, General Manager of CTN-WHTN Nashville and Host of – Moments for Moms aired nationally on the Christian Television Network. Currently surviving on Grace and Coffee… lots and lots of Coffee.

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