2022 Nepal Update

20 years of hope. 20 years of love. 20 years of pouring worth, value, and the promise of a bright future into children pulled off the streets of Nepal.

Our president, Yolanda, and her husband Brian, just returned from a trip to Nepal where they spent time with everyone at Children’s Home of Love. The boys played in a soccer game that was so fun to watch! They visited the private school where the younger children are educated, and attended church where the older ones serve as leaders. They had a pizza party and a barbecue to welcome back the graduates of Children’s Home of Love for a night of fun and encouragement.

Yolanda and Brian loved hearing how these young men and women are living their lives . . .

  • One opened a grocery store with a sibling.
  • Another is a chef in a high-end hotel.
  • Several are working in the hotel service industry.
  • There’s a teacher, a pharmaceutical rep, and a youth leader in a church.
  • Another works as a field agent rescuing girls from the sex trafficking industry.

What a beautiful legacy we’ve built together over these last 20 years! We are so grateful for the manager, house parents, and mentors that work with our children. We are also grateful for friends like you that have given to this life-saving outreach.

Every penny donated to Children’s Home of Love goes to help, house, and educate the children. There is no overhead cost to CTN. If you’d like to give again today, please remember to mark your donation in the memo “Nepal Outreach”.

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